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Years ago, I completed my Master's in Education (Ed.M) at Harvard University. Since then, I have traveled around the world to engage with leaders at the top schools, education technology companies and private education providers. My journey has taken me to the United States, Finland, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Dubai, Brazil, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia and more.


I have seen how educators around the world help students from different backgrounds succeed. I understand what parents are wasting their time and resources on, and what truly matters to a child's future. 


I have nurtured students who were accepted to top universities around the world; graduates who secured dream jobs from great companies or started their own entrepreneurial ventures; leaders who received top scholarships in their countries; and most importantly, individuals who have grown up to be not only successful but happy with their lives.

Parenting Success was created to feature the best practices around the world on parenting and educating children. Our mission is to help parents around the world raise happy and successful children. May the resources here be a blessing to you and your family!

Kennedy W.

Founder, Parenting Success

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We have compiled a Digital Guide with PROVEN strategies and insights that have helped parents and children around the world get into dream colleges and careers. Click to find out how to raise successful children!

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Our proven methodology 
works on parenting children across

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Irene N.

"I can't believe Kelly got accepted to Harvard, Oxford AND Yale thanks to the tips we picked up from Parenting Success... Thank you so much!"

Eunice W.

"Several teachings from Parenting Success really spoke to me. I'm keeping the lessons close to my heart and implementing them at home right away."

Nicole L.

"The strategies are very unique, different from the many other parenting books I've read. (and trust me, I've read a lot) Parenting Success teaches me exactly how to differentiate my children, and changes the way I approach parenting my 2 kids."

Parenting Success

Loving and raising a child presents challenges that all parents have to face. You are not alone! Check out our experts' views on the latest parenting topics. Learn how parents can create the best environment for their children as they grow up.

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Places the children we've helped have been accepted to:


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