Want Your Children To Succeed? Read This.

Want Your Children To Succeed? Read This.

Want to know how to raise successful children? This is for you!


This digital guide contains parenting strategies you can use to help your children gain an edge in the ultra competitive world. These techniques have been carefully tested and refined against countless students around the world. THEY WORK time and again in raising successful and happy children. 


PROVEN track record having helped real students get accepted into universities like Harvard, MIT, Yale, Oxford, Cambridge and careers at Google, Disney, McKinsey etc!


Other writings on how to raise successful children are often written from the perspective of researchers who are merely trying to make sense of what successful people did in the past. These are statistics exercises that do NOT work for parents who want a method to raise successful children today. They do not capture the full picture of what contributes to success, and their techniques are not tested out on real students who have yet to achieve success.

Our approach is completely DIFFERENT. We take pride in the fact that our techniques are constantly TESTED and used by children who are not YET successful AND who use our strategies to eventually ACHIEVE success.


Parents who want to raise successful children have found this digital guide to be the BEST INVESTMENT of their time and money. This is as close you can get to buying a ticket to success for your children!


Price is denominated in USD, but we accept payments from over 100 countries.

Kennedy W. completed his Master's in Education (Ed.M) from Harvard University on a full scholarship. Since then, Kennedy has traveled around the world to engage with leaders at the top schools, education technology companies and private education providers. His journey has taken him to the United States, Finland, United Kingdom, Singapore, Hong Kong, China, Indonesia, Vietnam, India, Dubai, Brazil, Myanmar, Saudi Arabia and more.

Kennedy has seen how educators around the world help students from different backgrounds succeed. He understand what parents are wasting their time and resources on, and what truly matters to a child's future. He has successfully helped students to get accepted to top universities around the world; supported graduates to secure dream jobs from great companies or started their own entrepreneurial ventures; groomed leaders who received top scholarships in their countries; and most importantly, developed individuals who have grown up to be not only successful but happy with their lives.

This guide shares those secret insights from Kennedy's experience and that of other experts, so that you can help your children find that same success and happiness!


"I did not expect to see business theories in the book, and it gave me a completely new perspective on parenting. The author is direct and straight-to-the-point with interesting tips and tricks that I do not see in other parenting books" 

- Tania

"As both a parent and an educator, I agree 100% with what the guide says. Even though I do not have the habit of reading, I felt the writing was easy to follow and understand, and I loved the stories and examples along the way" -  Kaye

"I really like the advice in the guide that teaches me how to help my children stand out in such a competitive world"

- Jeanne


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